domingo, 14 de febrero de 2016


By Amaury Pi

The establishment of the Republican Party, wants Donald Trump "out of the way", and they are terrified that he could and might well win the nomination for the Presidency. But do not blame Democrats. The rise of Trump is due to a tremendous lack of courage by the Republicans in Congress.  They were elected to a majority in the House and in the Senate, yet they let this current President steamroll all over them. They were a monumental failure and they let down the same people that sent them to Washington, the people that elected them.

So, now here comes Donald Trump, a successful billionaire real estate tycoon from New York and he is making the Republican Party as nervous as they have ever been, the establishment has been waiting for Trump to fall, but he keeps going up in popularity. On the Democrat side, they believe that of all the Republicans running, the most dangerous for them is Marco Rubio. He is young smart, bilingual, and would present a terrific contrast with Hillary Clinton who is carrying with here more skeletons in the closet than the London Egyptian Museum. Rubio could take part of the Latino vote and that is not very good news for Hillary. Yet, Donald Trump is the one candidate that has handled the media in this country, better than any other in history. He has used his fame to manipulate and get ahead in the polls, since the beginning he understood the frustration of people and right away tapped into that frustration, speaking freely non-conventionally, and saying a lot of stuff that regular folk want to say, but they can't because of political correctness. If you read the San Bernardino terrorist attack, many neighbors of the terrorist couple told the authorities they "suspected something weird happening at their apartment, but they were afraid of talking, because of the backlash they could face and accusations as anti Muslims"

Hillary Clinton should be the nominee for the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders has energized the younger voters, the college kids and some young blacks also, while attracting women under 30, something Hillary also needs. But Bernie Sanders is a very long shot to win the Democratic nomination. His plans are basically for redistribution of wealth, giving free medical and college and everything in between, while basically taxing the hell out of the rich. He says he wants a revolution, I do not think this country (as a whole) wants a revolution. So unless she, Hillary, is abducted by aliens from another world (not the ones crossing the Rio Grande everyday) or she gets indicted by the FBI for using a private server on classified e-mails while Secretary of State, and now another investigation by the FBI on her and her husband's Clinton Foundation. Unless she blows up and has to leave the race,because of all the problems she is besieged by, even then the Democrats still have Joe Biden on the bench, in case of that total collapse, and Sanders my friends will not get close to the White House.

But in this country, you really never know. How many of us thought a young African-American lawyer and community organizer in Chicago and short time freshman Senator would win the White House? Be honest here... So I would not be surprised if Donald Trump beats Hillary, if she can "skate" by all the land mines on her way. Trump voters are a broad coalition of all kinds of people, including the blue collar Democrats as well as the extremely important Independent voters. People talk about experience, but Obama got elected President with very little experience in government. The people are thirsty for real leadership.

There is tremendous frustration in this country. The extreme left thinks Obama did not go far enough. The Republicans are not happy with the people they sent to Congress. And now that conservative Supreme Court Scalia has passed away, whatever you think of him (and here in the Liberal Bay Area he is not popular of course) all scholars consider him a giant of a Supreme Court judge, and if you think both parties are far apart during this election, it is going to get even uglier with the man or woman that President Obama is going to nominate soon to take the seat of Judge Scalia. That you can take to the bank.
This is just my opinion, if you disagree I will even respect your opinion.

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