Oprah recently said that she believes that "there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs" because President Obama is black. Various Fox News personalities were simply outraged at the suggestion, and the hosts of "Fox and Friends" were no different on Thursday.
“Do you see racism when Harry Reid called President Bush a loser? Is that respect for the office?” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked. “Bill Clinton was impeached for his actions in the office? Is that racist?”
Steve Doocy said that Obama would never have gotten elected if the country was racist. "Are there racists out there? Absolutely. Is it a majority of people? No. A majority of the people, according to the polls, simply don’t like his policies," he remarked.
"And certainly throwing around racist accusations, calling someone a racist certainly for disagreeing when they are indeed not, would undermine racism when it does occur," Elisabeth Hasselbeck claimed.
Kilmeade said that all presidents have been criticized in the past.
"But this is someone as powerful as Oprah instilling fear in those that may come to critique policy under a cloak of racism when it may not be there,” Hasselbeck reiterated. “So again, it undermines racism when it does occur."